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Obsessed with Roku’s Screensaver

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I was laying in bed the other night and this really cool Roku screensaver came up. It's a motion screensaver and I began to notice many references to movies and entertainment. I instantly became obsessed with trying to figure them all out. Roku says there are over 30. I definitely have not found that many. ...

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.”


— Marilyn Monroe

Into The Plains – My Experience On Set

Into The Plains is a short film about a woman who embarks on a cross-country road trip while grappling with the recent loss of a child. Complete Synopsis: "Into the Plains" tells the story of Anna, a mother grieving the loss of a child. Anna is a small-town journalist in Grand Junction, CO. Overwhelmed and despairing, Anna ...

See Me Get Crazy – AT&T Sports Networks Commercial

I recently had an amazing opportunity to work with Pinto Pictures on an AT&T Sports Networks Commercial. Here is a description of the project from Pinto Pictures: "In July of 2017 ROOT Sports rebranded to AT&T Sports Networks. Pinto Pictures helped in the effort, producing live action spots for the network. Our goal was to show the ...

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