If you would like to improve your health and want to do it the easy way, start with these 5 habits. From here you can move on to more advance ways to get healthy such as getting into an exercise routine and changing your diet habits. If you are already at an advanced level when it comes to health, use these simple tips as a supplement.

1 – Walk At Lunch

Use half of your lunch break to take a walk. Walking every day will help to clear your mind and burn calories. You should also invest in a step counter. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can buy one that works well for under 30 bucks. Try to get at least 6000 steps throughout the day if you can.

2 – Stand At Your Desk

Try standing up at your desk from time to time. Sitting around all day is extremely bad for you. Improve your health by standing. Ask your supervisor for a standing desk if at all possible as well. If not, get up every so often and stretch.

3 – Take A Multi-Vitamin

Many people are missing out on proper vitamins and minerals because the quality of the food that is being eating is very low. Lots of health gurus argue about which vitamins are best and I do suggest doing some research. But I recommend getting into the habit of taking a multi-vitamin right away.

4 – Get Your Sugar Fix From Fruit

You can immediately improve your health just by cutting out sugar. Try going a week without drinking a soda, eating a candy bar, donut or whatever else is high in sugar. After that week, eat a candy bar. I guarantee you will feel extremely crappy. Too much of it is poison to your body. Sugar is the #1 reason obesity is a national epidemic. Cut out the sugar and you’ll have more energy, you’ll drop weight like crazy, and you’ll reduce your chances of major health issues. Get your sugars from fruits instead of sweet treats.

5 – Drink A Glass Of Water Before Every Meal

Drinking a glass of water before every meal (including snacks) is a great way to improve your health. You will feel fuller before you eat, which will prevent you from overeating. You will also have more energy, have better skin, and feel better overall when you drink enough water.

If you want to improve your health but don’t know where to start, begin with these really easy habits.

Do you have any simple habits to share that can make you healthier? Let me know.

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