Creating more peace, quiet, and balance in your life will help you live a happier, less stressed, life. Sometimes we over-complicate things and make life harder than what it needs to be. Simplify your life today with these 6 tips.

1 –  Don’t Try To Do Too Much

A great way to simplify your life is to keep your to-do list short. Very short. I’m talking 2 or 3 things tops. Having a long list of things to do every day will keep you stressed and frustrated. Even if you complete many things on your list, the subconscious mind sees an incomplete and unsuccessful day. Create a priority list or an “I want” list of your top priorities for that day. If you finish these 2 or 3 items, then you can add more if you like. Doing this will make it easy to get things done and motivate you to stay productive.

2 – Know When To Walk Away

How many times have you been in the middle of something and you just couldn’t focus? It may even happen in the middle of a conversation. Human nature says push through it, but this can just complicate things later. Next time this happens, pause and walk away to give your mind a chance to refocus and gain clarity.

3 –  Stop Overthinking

Slipping into a pattern of negative thinking can cause all kinds of undue stress in our lives. Over analyzing and replaying a scenario in our minds of a past mistake will begin wiring your mind to attract more turmoil. Overthinking not only causes frustration but it’s actually bad for your overall health. Instead, learn to let go of control (see below), or keep yourself busy. Engage in some activity that will keep your mind off the situation. Remember, your thoughts create your reality.

4 – Do an Electronic Detox for One Hour Every Day

With social media, TV, radio and other medium, our brains never have a chance to stop processing large amounts of information. This can keep the mind busy and cluttered. Spend an hour every single day away from all types of electronic input. Use the time to do chores, meditate, visualize, or whatever you need to do to detox. My preferred activity is to get out and walk. I enjoy looking at nature and the things around me.

5 – Say No To Multitasking

You would think that multitasking would increase your productivity and help you clear out your queue much faster, but in fact it does just the opposite. Our brain is not wired to do too many things at once and uses up much of our brain power. Instead, focus on one thing at a time. Doing so will keep you productive and simplify your life.

6 – Let Go

A big part of our stress and anxiety is a desire to control the things around us and our circumstances. If you aren’t careful, even the smallest of things can drain you. I spent the better part of my life getting stressed out about things I could not control. My anxiety would go through the roof if my kids didn’t do what they were supposed to, or if my vacation didn’t go according to plan. One day I realized how much energy it drains and I decided to let go. Letting go of control is in my opinion the most important way to simplify your life. It will take practice but when you can finally release your desire to control everything, your life will get much easier.

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