Tough times refine us. They make us stronger, wiser, and more mature. I firmly believe that sometimes we aren’t meant to avoid the storm, but instead we are supposed to go directly into it. The storm is where we draw on our strengths, come together with loved ones, and find our courage. Despite these silver linings, however, tough times still suck. Stress, anxiety and negativity love to rear their ugly heads and if we are not careful, can take us into a descending spiral of despair. To avoid this, and make it out stronger than ever on the other side, we have to do our best to stay positive during tough times. Here are 7 ways to do that.

1 – Say Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to stay positive during tough times. Throughout my life, I have always turned to affirmations to rewire my thinking. We tend to focus on the negative when tough times hit us and the more we think pessimistically about our situation, the tougher things will be. Saying positive affirmations will keep you focused on the positive. Here are some examples:

“Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better.”

“I am full of strength and courage.”

“I go with the flow of life, and enjoy the journey.”

2 – Be Grateful

During tough times, it’s easy to forget all the positive things we have in our life. Don’t fall into this trap. We all have things we can be grateful for and we should take time each day to appreciate them. I have a gratitude prayer that I say every morning before I leave the house. No matter how difficult I may perceive the day ahead, taking time to be grateful for the things I have in my life always gives me the strength to take on any battle.

3 – Rely on Loved Ones

It may be hard asking for help during the tough times but sometimes you just have to swallow your pride. Learning to accept help from others is not a sign of weakness but of strength. We weren’t created to take on every obstacle alone. When asking for help, be specific with what you need. Do you need advice and encouragement? Or do you only need someone to listen and be by your side?

4 – Practice Mindfulness to Stay Positive During Tough Times

Practicing mindfulness means living in the moment. It keeps you in the present, when your mind wants to focus on the worries of tomorrow. Some examples would be meditation, going for a walk, and playing with your kids. Use all of your senses to really take in the moment. What sounds do you hear? Are there any colors that stand out?

5 – Don’t Complain During Difficult Situations

It’s okay to vent and have a shoulder to lean on but be careful not to complain too much. If you constantly complain about your bad situation, you strengthen your bad situation. Don’t let the negative thoughts in your mind manifest themselves into powerful spoken words. Positive affirmations should be your powerful spoken words.

6 – Invest In Yourself

Many times we can’t control the circumstances we find ourselves in but we can control our own emotions, body and thinking. During the tough times, focus on improving areas of your life. Get in shape by starting a consistent exercise program. Read self-help books and attend seminars if you can. By investing in yourself, you not only improve who you are as a person, but you keep your mind off the negative situation.

7 – Enjoy Life

Just because we may be struggling in certain areas of life doesn’t mean we can’t find something to enjoy. Spend time with loved ones, take up a hobby, go see a movie, just do something that you enjoy. People who go through tough times often give up on on things that are good for them. Don’t do this. We only have this one life so stay positive and enjoy it!

Don’t let tough times send you into depression and despair. Use these 7 strategies to stay focused and positive.

What strategies do you use to stay positive during tough times? Let me know in the comments

Stay Positive During Tough Times

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