How can you be productive at work if you don’t want to be there? Improve your work environment with these 8 tips. You’ll have less stress and anxiety, and you’ll feel more at home.

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“There are two ways to be happy. Change your situation, or change your mindset.”

1 – Clean Up Your Space

Having too much clutter in your work area can be a distraction and limit your productivity. Get rid of all the nick-knacks and trash surrounding your keyboard. Just like at home, schedule time each week to do a thorough cleaning. Organize your drawer and wipe down your space. With a clean work area, you will be able to get more accomplished and look more professional to your colleagues.

2 – Personalize Your Area

Do you feel out of place at work? Maybe it’s just that you are not connected. Improve your work environment by bringing some familiar items from home to decorate your space. Hang up pictures of loved ones, display your trophies, or whatever gives you a positive vibe. This is especially useful on Monday mornings or days you had to literally drag yourself to work.

3 – Take Plenty Of Breaks

Taking breaks keeps you energized and focused. Sitting at a desk all day without getting up for hours at a time is not only draining but very unhealthy for your body and mind. Improve your work environment by walking away from your tasks every once in a while. Even if for only 5 minutes, do something to refresh your mind and body.

4 – Have Designated Quiet Times

It’s difficult getting work done when you are interrupted every few minutes. Let your colleagues know that certain hours are your off-limit hours. Put up a small sign near your work area, and put a notice on your email calendar that you are unavailable at these times.

5 – Get Into A Routine

Every morning you arrive to work you should have a daily ritual to perform. Do the same exact tasks at the same time every day. This will keep you productive and it will also motivate you on mornings you aren’t so motivated.

6 – Make Friends

Having friends at work is a great way to improve your work environment. No matter how crappy your job is, having someone there you get along with and can talk to will make your day better. Don’t make work all about socializing but do your best to find things in common with other people. If you have trouble being sociable, try these tips (click here).

7 – Use Pleasant Smells

Smells can ease your mind, keep you focused, and improve your mood. Have different aromas on hand to improve your work environment. If you can’t use candles at the office, you can use scented oil diffusers or potpourri. Cinnamon can sharpen your mind, citrus can make you more energized, and vanilla can boost your mood.

8 – Eat Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day

Keeping healthy snacks on hand and eating them throughout the day will keep your energy levels up and prevent you from developing unhealthy habits.  Eating junk from the vending machine will make you feel crummy, unmotivated, and tired.

Question: What do you do at the office to brighten your mood?

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