Self-Care is important. It’s important for your happiness, your health, even your relationships. Even though you may understand this, it may be hard coming up with ways to practice a little “Me” time. So here are some awesome self-care ideas to get you started.

Give the world the best of you

Get Healthy

Go for a walk or jog.

Sign up for a hot yoga class.

Take a self-defense class.

Go for a bike ride.

Get into hiking.

Go swimming.

Learn a new dance.

Buy an aerobics DVD.

Join a gym.

Stretch every morning and night.


Take a hot bath

Soak your feet.

Listen to music.


Drink wine and relax in a quiet spot.

Do a puzzle.

Veg out in silence with scented candles or essential oils.

Read a book.

Watch a relaxing movie on Netflix.

Go to bed early.

Be Creative

Paint something.

Take pictures of local scenery.

Bake a cake.

Start a blog.

Write a short story.

Take a pottery class.

Create your own bracelet.

Learn an instrument.

Build a model car or boat.

Join a scrap booking class.

Be Entertained

Go see a movie. (my fav)

Go to a concert.

Play video games.

Go dancing.

Get Social

Visit family.

Hang out with a friend.

Join a meetup group.

Go on a trip with friends.

Have coffee with someone.

Play pool with your buddy.

Join a bowling league.

Get Pampered

Get a massage.

Get a Mani-Pedi.

Spend a day at the spa.

Treat yourself to ice cream.


Eat lunch on a park bench.

Listen to the waves at the beach.

Practice gratitude.

Start journaling about your life.

Watch the sunrise.

Personal Development

Go to a workshop.

Sign up for a webinar.

Listen to motivational messages.


Start collecting trains.

Collect stamps.

Start collecting gems and rocks.

Help me add to this list. What do you do to practice self-care?


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