Into The Plains – My Experience On Set

Into The Plains is a short film about a woman who embarks on a cross-country road trip while grappling with the recent loss of a child.

Complete Synopsis:

“Into the Plains” tells the story of Anna, a mother grieving the loss of a child. Anna is a small-town journalist in Grand Junction, CO. Overwhelmed and despairing, Anna one night leaves her husband, escaping away from their home, driving through the mountain highways, going farther eastward down into the plains. Much of the film takes place on the road, with Anna lost inside herself until she meets a helpful stranger along the way. The film will be roughly fifteen minutes long.

Into the Plains is an incredible story and everyone did an amazing job bringing it together. Right now the film is in post-production but I wanted to write a quick blog about my experience on set.

I was fortunate enough to work as an actor on the first day of shooting. I played the main character’s husband, Jeremy. He is a caring man who is struggling to reconnect with his wife Anna. He is an interesting character with so many emotions under the surface. Jeremy wants nothing more than to have some sense of normalcy in his relationship with his wife but he knows deep down things are broken. As a family man and husband myself, I really could connect with him. I know the worry and frustration that is felt when a loved one is struggling and you feel helpless to do anything. I really enjoyed bringing Jeremy to life.

The Lead

Maggie AlexanderActress Maggie Alexander played the lead. Maggie really brought so much depth to her character.  The director seemed very impressed with her work as was everyone else. She is one of the most talented actresses I’ve worked with. Maggie joined us from New York and her natural talent and extensive training really made us all look like superstars. Check out her work at her website here:

The Director

Chandler RydIt was really great working with Director Chandler Ryd. For someone just getting started in the film industry, he has an amazing amount of knowledge and talent. I was really impressed with his vision and just seeing him work with us cast members and crew was really inspiring. I like when directors are clear in the direction they are headed. You could clearly see that Into The Plains was well thought out and planned. Put Chandler on your radar for future films. This guy is going to do great things and I can’t wait to see what he does in the years to come. Check him out at

Day on Set

The day was long but it didn’t feel that way. It actually was one of the smoothest shoots I’ve been on. Granted it was in one location that particular day but everything was just so seamless. I spent a lot of time in between shots mentally preparing but I also met and talked to the crew. They were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing and did it well. All in all, the shoot day went great and at the end of the day I was kinda bummed to leave. Oh and props to Production Assistant Beau Jarrett for making some bomb ass grilled chicken and quinoa.

I’ll keep you guys posted on any new developments with the film so be on the lookout. In the meantime here are a few pics from rehearsal and on set.

Into The Plains Film - 01
Into The Plains Film - 02
Into The Plains Film - 03
Into The Plains Film - 04
Into The Plains Film - 05

Into The Plains -07


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