Improve Your Self-Esteem?
Feel Confident?
Feel Better About Who You Are?
Have The Courage To Follow Your Dreams?

I Know I Was Ready!

This Was My Life

“I suck at life. I don’t have anything to offer. I’m not good enough. I’m not confident enough to try.”
These were the voices that played over and over in my head every single day.
I didn’t feel good about myself and I felt inadequate in many ways.
This stopped me from even trying things that I dreamt about. It kept me from so many opportunities. People took advantage of me. That kind of living sucks!


These Lessons Allowed Me To:

Feel Better About Myself

I discovered I had strengths and talents that I could offer the world. What!? I was good at something??? I also learned how to appreciate and love the person I was.

Be Confident

I’ve done so many things I NEVER thought I could EVER do! Like speak in front of an audience, be in MOVIES, talk to women (well womAn who is now my wife), start my business and many other things.

Stand Up For Myself

I learned how to be assertive, say no without guilt or regret, and get rid of toxic people in my life. I was never able to do that. Now, I care about myself enough not to let people walk all over me. 


So Worked For Me?

I put everything that worked in building my self-esteem and confidence into a powerful blueprint.


A Self-Paced, Online, 8-Week Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create Lasting Self-Esteem and Confidence.

This Course Will Help You ...

  • Feel better about yourself.

  • Have more confidence.

  • Know what your strengths are.

  • Be more assertive.

  • Overcome fear and self-doubt.

  • Silence negative self-talk.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Learn to deal with criticism.

  • Challenge your limiting beliefs.

  • Stand up for yourself.

What We Cover

Leveraging Your Strengths

Week 1: Leveraging Your Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are? Most don't, and this can contribute to low self-esteem. This week, I have a lesson and worksheets to help you discover what talents and gifts you bring to this world and how to use them!


Week 2: Self-Acceptance

We spend too much time beating ourselves up. The rest of the world already gets us down, no need to do it to ourselves. When you finish this week, you'll be able to look in the mirror and like the person you see. 

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Week 3: Quiet Your Inner Critic

You know that voice in your head that always whispers "you can't do it," or "you aren't good enough?" Well I'm going to teach you a simple, but powerful process to put that voice in its place.

Detox Your Toxic Relationships

Week 4: Detox Your Toxic Relationships

Your self-esteem is greatly influenced by the people you are around. It's time to start spending your time with people who lift you up and less time with those who bring you down. I'm going to show you how to do that. 

Affirming Others

Week 5: Affirming Others

This is probably one of the most effective ways to build self-esteem but most people never think to do it. It's easy to affirm others but you have to know the CORRECT and MOST EFFECTIVE way to do it. That's what you'll learn this week. 

Being Assertive

Week 6: Being More Assertive

If you have issues being assertive, you'll love this week.  I'm going to teach you how to stand up for yourself even if you are the most timid of people. 

Dealing With Criticism

Week 7: Dealing With Criticism

There is a right way and wrong way to deal with criticism. Getting angry, getting even, or crying in a corner is the wrong way. I'm going to show you exactly what to do to deal with criticism of all kinds and how to use it to your advantage.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Week 8: Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs will hold you back. They will keep you in fear, limit your success, and wreak havoc on your confidence and self-esteem. This week we will do a deep dive into understanding the root of  your limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them for good.

What’s Included:

– 121 Page Course Guide
– 17 Page Workbook with Worksheets
– Audio Lessons For On The Go Training
– Weekly Assessments
– Weekly Action Plan
– Lifetime Access with Updates

A Little Bit About Me

Hi I’m Shane. I struggled with self-esteem and confidence for most of my life. I’ve been there, sitting by on the sidelines while life passed me by because I feared failure and had no belief in myself. But these lessons that I have included in this course, drastically changed my life.

Now I am a Coach and Speaker helping people just like you, change their lives. 

If you struggle with Self-Esteem and Confidence, sign up below and I promise you’ll start seeing positive change in your life.

Shane Paul Walker

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