Split Second Clip and My Experience

The final cut of “Split Second” is complete and I think it turned out very nice. There were some things I could have done better in my scenes but overall I think it was a success. Robert Brogden did an excellent job writing, directing, and editing the film and the music is just fantastic.

The movie makes you think about what you would do if faced with a life changing situation. Your life as you know it could change in a split second. That is what I love about this film. It makes you think.

I had a great time working with actors Kit Kelly, Ladios Muhammad and my son Tavian. Kit and Ladios are amazing and Tavian is well on his way.

It was cold at night during some of the shoots but man was it exciting! We shot till around 2am one night. That was the scene when I was screaming at Kit to stop trying to run away. I screamed loud and we must have shot the scene 10 times. If cops showed up, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I’m sure I woke up the neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy the clip and if you want to see the full version, check it out at this link. Let me know what you think and make sure to give Robert some thumbs up on the video.

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