Visit Denver Commercial Shoot

Recently I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Visit Denver campaign for the year 2018. Which means you’ll start seeing these particular Visit Denver commercials, photos and web video some time next Spring. This is the second time I’ve been a part of a Visit Denver commercial and once again it was so much fun.

The Shoot

Our part of the shoot was focused around highlighting Denver’s street art. We were in the River North Art District or RiNo for short. It’s popular for its many bars, art galleries, and street art. We shot scenes walking around and riding in Pedicabs, taking in the amazing building art. We also rode on Denver’s B-cycles and it took a bit of getting used to. The bike’s weight is distributed differently than normal bikes. When they yelled action I thought to myself, “oh shit.. why am I veering off to the right?!”  I didn’t feel so bad when I saw that my partner was veering off to the left. That take was a waste but we got it perfect the next time. So when you ride those B-cycles just prepare yourself. If you’ve never been to Denver’s River North Art District, you have to go and check it out. The clip below (not our shoot) contains some info on the area.

It was probably the hottest day of the summer on shoot day but everything went off without a hitch. The director Kevin Emmons was amazing and everyone from Waypoint Films, Karsh Hagan ad agency and the client, were very friendly and professional.

Hopefully I’ll be back to be a part of Visit Denver 19!

Visit Denver 18 Set Pic -1 Visit Denver 18 Set Pic - 3 Visit Denver 18 Set Pic - 2


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